Company ŽITOPROMET is founded in 1950. and it was in fluor bussiness. Company had warehuoses in Draginje and Koceljeva, one mill in Draginje and one water mill in Koceljeva, later machinery and electric generator. During 60-es, warehouses are developed by building floor warehouses in Draginje and Koceljeva, horizontal silage line in Draginje, 30 tons vagon scale in Draginje and Koceljeva.In 1972. and 1973. in Draginje new roller mill was built, for the service and trade grinding. It’s capacity is 24t/24h.

In 1974. ŽITOPROMET is associated with OOUR POLJOPRIVREDA and until 1984. is in bussiness with that name.At the end of 1984. OOUR Mill Industry ŽITOPROMET was formed in Draginje and started bussiness on 01.01.1985. with:Concrete silo, capacity of 10.000 t, Silo equipment 60t/h, Infuse basket capacity of 60 t manufactured by ZMAJ Zemun, built in 1985. In 1989. OOUR Mill Industry ŽITOPROMET Draginje was registered as social company ŽITOPROMET Draginje.

On 24.7.1991.god. was re-registered as Shareholding company ŽITOPROMET DraginjeDuring 1993. and 1994. company bulit new roller mill capacity 30t/24h, manufactured by ZMAJ Zemun, and started working on march 1994.

On the Auction 04.07.2003. company was re-registered as Shareholding company ECOCOM ŽITOPROMET Draginje.